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Maryland Juice 1.0 (founder) = David Moon

O'Guv'nah visits OFA's MoCo Office.
This is a Maryland politics blog launched by Montgomery County-based progressive political consultant David Moon (aka Maryland Juice 1.0). He is on indefinite hiatus from writing for this blog. You can contact David at: david@marylandjuice.com. Here are his previous thoughts on starting this blog:

Maryland Juice tries to reflect the collective psyche of the Maryland Democratic Party's progressive base (aka Maryland Juice). I figured I'd try and get this going after Adam Pagnucco's retirement from Maryland Politics Watch left a gaping hole in local political discourse. That means, you can expect opinion, news and rumors relating to policy, politics and culture.

Full Disclosure (aka "thick skin warning"): I am an opinionated, progressive Democrat and a civil libertarian. I am a political consultant by trade, and so this blog will probably have natural biases towards people whose campaigns I've been a part of (ie: Jamie Raskin, Nancy Navarro, Hans Riemer, District 18 Democratic Slate, Maryland Dems, etc). I have ongoing social and business relationships with various politicians in the area, so I expect people will find me to be completely biased. That's okay. In any case, I am also a policy guy at heart and am currently employed by the federal advocacy group, Demand Progress. In the past, I've worked with CASA de Maryland, Purple Line NOW!, FairVote, the ACLU, the NOW Legal Defense Fund, and I also did a brief stint as a Chief of Staff and Legislative Aide at the County Council.

In case anyone is curious, I am a Montgomery County native and was born in Takoma Park but spent most of my conscious childhood in Bethesda (note: my schools were Bannockburn, Burning Tree, Pyle, Whitman). I went to college at Tufts University (random trivia: Somerset Mayor Jeffrey Slavin is also an alum) and law school at American. I currently live in Takoma Park, near the city's border with Silver Spring.

For more background information on David Moon and this blog, read this article: HACKING POLITICS: The Death of Aaron Swartz, The Birth of Maryland Juice & State Senator David Brinkley

Maryland Juice 2.0 (past writer) = Matt Verghese

WHO IS THIS GUY ANYWAY? - Matt Verghese comes to Maryland Juice after a long stint in Annapolis - including working for the General Assembly, serving as Political and Communications Director of the Maryland Democratic Party, and as Lt. Governor Anthony Brown's Deputy Chief of Staff. He's been involved in a number of campaigns - including Governor O'Malley's 2010 reelect, serving as Deputy Coordinated Campaign Director in 2012, and the 2014 gubernatorial race. He currently works as a Senior Aide to Tom Hucker at the Montgomery County Council. You can reach Matt Verghese at matt@marylandjuice.com.

Matt is lover of all things Maryland - especially the Terps, berger cookies, crabs smothered in Old Bay, and local craft beers. He's opinionated (extremely so according to some), happily biased against outdated trickle-down reactionary policies and the politicians who espouse them, and a wonkish enthusiast of data, tables and charts. Matt lives in Montgomery County and is a proud graduate of MCPS. He received both his bachelor and master's degrees from the University of Maryland.