Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blog Preview: Redistricting, leadership battles and an early look at 2014.

As Maryland Juice prepares to launch, I thought I'd give a quick preview on the initial content we want to highlight. I've begun reaching out to elected officials and Maryland politicos for the inside scoop on what's not being covered, and there's a lot of juicy content out there! So here we go....

On the Radar:
  • State legislative and local redistricting: [Bartlett vs. Harris] vs. [Kratovil vs. Democratic Party]
  • An early snapshot of the 2014 races: Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, County Executive and more!
  • Jockeying for leadership positions: What's happening to Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Mike Busch?
  • Random thoughts: Will the DC suburbs displace Baltimore as the anchor of political power in Maryland, curfew politics, and more.
If there are other topics you think we should be poking around on, please reply in the comments, or email

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