Thursday, August 11, 2011

The MD GOP has leadership?

UPDATE: Maryland Reporter elaborates on our coverage of the Maryland House GOP leadership battle.

Red Maryland has an amusing, navel-gazing post about the exciting race for the Maryland House of Delegates GOP leadership slots. Not. Honestly, I hate to be completely dismissive, but will there be any impact from a leadership change? The last time the Maryland GOP leadership made any bold moves was when Sen. Kittleman came out in favor of marriage equality. The party's seeming decision to further align itself with fringe elements bodes well for their continuing irrelevance in our state. Take notice though, the Maryland Tea Party chief wants to take the helms of the House GOP:
"Smigiel, chair of the Tea Party caucus, wants a fiscally conservative leadership team 'willing to fight for the conservative principles they expound.'"
Bring it on.

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