Friday, August 26, 2011

PEPCO Robocalls Irene Alert // O'Malley Evacuates Ocean City & Wicomico

UPDATE: Pepco's social networking rep Andre, tweeted this response to our blog post (excerpt): "I’ll start by saying that we’re not trying to build up anxiety.... To summarize it, we just wanted to reiterate to our customers that the storm is nearing our service territory and the impact may result in outages for some customers." This sounds an awful lot like Montgomery County's strategy for preventing flash mobs!

Ahead of Hurricane Irene, Pepco has decided to robocall residents telling them to expect power outages:

I am guessing that means:
a) We'll be facing the same miserable power outages that occur anytime the wind blows in MD,
b) Pepco is responding to what the Washington Post recently described as their "lackadaisical approach to customer communication"
Call me cynical, but I suspect this will not ease residents' pending complaints about what will likely be an inadequate response to Irene-related power outages.

Meanwhile, Governor O'Malley is calling for an evacuation of parts of the Eastern Shore:

Office of the Governor
August 26, 2011

A Message from Governor O'Malley

Dear Friend,

Hurricane Irene is a slow moving, large, deadly storm with the potential to cause significant damage. This is not a storm to take lightly. We are in a state of emergency and we need every Maryland citizen to be prepared.

We are expecting high winds, storm surges, downed trees and power outages. 

Right now, we have called for a mandatory evacuation of Ocean City, parts of Wicomico County and other areas throughout our state. We encourage everyone in low-lying coastal areas to seek shelter with friends and family on higher ground. Check with your local emergency management departments and watch the news for information on your area.

This is a very serious storm. We need every Marylander to follow evacuation orders. If you live in an evacuation area, please evacuate immediately. Staying in one of these areas makes it more difficult for our emergency responders to do their jobs.

As a state, all of our agencies and local and federal partners have been preparing for Irene all week. But it takes all of us, working together, to ensure Maryland's safety. If you haven't already, start preparing for Irene today. Make sure you have enough food, water and emergency supplies for you and your family for up to 72 hours. 

Our team will be sending out updates as we have them. Please check for information on how you can prepare. For up to the minute updates, follow MEMA_Feeds on twitter and use #MDHurricane. I'll also do my best to send as many updates as I can. 

We'll be live streaming a video update on the storm today at 2:30pm and will try to live stream as many updates over the weekend as possible. You can watch here.

Thank you in advance for helping to ensure the safety of our people. 

Martin O’Malley

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