Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Insider Gossip: Sen. Madaleno Dishes Dirt on the 2014 Gubernatorial Race // TOPIC: Dark Horse Candidates & Political Demography

Today, Maryland Juice brings you an exclusive interview with Maryland Senator Rich Madaleno on a few bits of political gossip: 2014's gubernatorial dark horse candidates, notes on political demography and more. Rich is an election geek and on top of representing District 18, formerly chaired the Montgomery County Senate delegation.

We previously covered the race from the lens of Maryland's push for marriage equality, but Senator Madaleno highlights a few more potential candidates and points out some of the difficult geographic considerations for the candidates.

His dark horse list includes:
  • Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker
  • Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
  • Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett
  • Former Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith
Below we ask him some pointed questions about the 2014 Governors race, and he provides some decently insightful answers (with hopefully only a touch of spin). I know most folks are less prone to watching videos than reading text, so I did you a couple favors:
  1. I chopped up the videos into the most interesting questions and responses, 
  2. I added a dramatic soundtrack to the tapes for your listening pleasure!
Without further ado, here is Mr. Madaleno's inside scoop on the 2014 race for Maryland Governor:

Question 1: Who are the dark horse candidates for Maryland Governor in 2014?

Question 2: How would you rate Howard County Executive Ken Ulman's chances?

Question 3: Will Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown benefit from Attorney General Doug Gansler and Comptroller Peter Franchot splitting the Montgomery County vote?

Next up, we'll post Senator Madaleno's notes on competing redistricting plans. Pretty interesting stuff!

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