Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama Beating all Republicans in Maryland's Early Money Race

So far, Marylanders have donated a combined $1.4 million in contributions to all of the major presidential candidates. Out of that amount, Obama has received over $1 million from Marylanders -- ie: over double the roughly $390,000 received from Maryland donors by all of the Republican candidates combined. Our state is traditionally a major donor state, along with population-heavy states like California, New York, and Texas and or DC adjacent states like Virginia. Below, you can see a summary of Maryland's presidential giving by candidate, party and zip code. The information is courtesy of the FEC:

2012 Presidential Campaign Finance: Maryland

List of Candidates - The list on the left side of the page shows the name of each candidate and his or her overall receipts, including contributions from the candidate, individuals and other political committees as well as transfers from the candidate’s prior federal campaigns. Presidential candidates are included in this presentation if they have reported receipts of more than $100,000 from sources outside the candidate's own funds.

All Candidates$1,437,520
Obama (D)$1,039,379
Romney (R)$280,745
Paul (R)$40,921
Gingrich (R)$22,300
Pawlenty (R)$21,450
Bachmann (R)$16,850
Santorum (R)$8,900
Cain (R)$6,675
Johnson (R)$300

The map below shows a representation of where in Maryland the donations are coming from. Zip codes with more donors have bigger circles over them. Out of Maryland's $1.4 million presidential haul, the 208xx zip codes in Montgomery County provided a whopping $791,145 of the total (more than half).
Compare Maryland's 2:1 Democrat to Republican giving ratio with Virginia's 1:1 giving rate, and you can very quickly see major political differences between the two states (and perhaps foreshadowing into Virginia's continuing political identity crisis).

2012 Presidential Campaign Finance: Virginia

All Candidates$1,412,879
Obama (D)$724,465
Romney (R)$363,385
Pawlenty (R)$107,983
Gingrich (R)$75,060
Paul (R)$62,258
Santorum (R)$39,200
Bachmann (R)$20,230
Cain (R)$14,797
Johnson (R)$5,500

Obama still leads the money race in Virginia, but the aggregate giving is nearly tied, with Republicans combined pulling in $688,414 to the Democrats $724,465. You can check out more races and states at the Federal Election Commission website:

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