Friday, September 2, 2011

TODAY: Bob Barker on Kojo Nnamdi // Plus, Rockville Deer Story Blowing Up!

On Tuesday, we broke news about former Price is Right host Bob Barker's entry into Rockville, Maryland politics. Now that story is blowing up! Brief recap: Mr. Barker, an ardent animal rights activist, sent the Rockville Mayor and Council a letter protesting a proposed deer hunting ordinance.

Today (FRI 9/2), Bob Barker will appear on Kojo Nnamdi's Politics Hour. The show broadcasts at noon on WAMU 88.5 FM, and I have no doubt that the topic will be Rockville's deer hunting controversy. Kojo's announcement of Barker as a guest came via Facebook through the following teaser:

Additionally, on Wednesday, the Washington Post's Michael Rosenwald picked up the Bob Barker story and followed up with this interview:
I got Barker, now 87, on the phone to hear how he learned of a deer brouhaha far, far away from his California home and why he was so moved by to write....

Barker said he had been alerted by Rockville resident and animal activist Carol E. McCormick....

Killing deer, Barker said, is totally unacceptable. The price is not right. And he’s putting his vast wealth into action, promising to send McCormick $1,500 for a billboard campaign that will not look like Plinko.

“That’s always the first answer from any city government: Kill them,” Barker told me. “That’s the thing to do: Kill them. All the deer hunters say, ‘Yeah, let’s kill them.’”
It seems that Rockville residents may soon be seeing anti-deer hunting billboards. All of this activity is generating work for city officials, evidenced by numerous news articles and blog entries now being written about the proposed hunting ordinance. Rockville Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio appeared on Fox 5 to discuss the issue:

We will be keeping an eye on this story in coming weeks, but in the meantime apologies for the unusual posting times -- Maryland Juice is currently on the road!

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