Saturday, October 15, 2011

BREAKING: Governor O'Malley Releases Maryland 2012 Congressional District Plan // FINAL DRAFT

UPDATE: I added tables below showing the racial composition of the new districts.

Tonight, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley released the final draft of Maryland's 2012 Congressional Redistricting Map. It will be voted on this Monday, as the Maryland General Assembly begins a short special session. I recolored the map below and added a key, but the original is at the bottom of this article:

The map comes with the following statement from Governor O'Malley:
“After serious consideration and a review of all input from citizens across the State and discussions with members of our Congressional delegation and the General Assembly, I will be submitting a proposed map, substantially similar to the map developed by the Governor’s Redistricting Advisory Committee, for consideration during the start of Special Session on Monday. 
“I’d like to thank the Committee for their hard work throughout this process, as well as the citizens who have submitted their comments and suggestions and all of the members of the General Assembly. I am looking forward to working with our legislature next week as we ensure that every citizen is fairly and accurately represented.” 
As the Governor indicated on October 3, the map that will be introduced Monday, October 17 is substantially similar to the map recommended by the Governor's Redistricting Advisory Committee (GRAC). Minor changes involving the unification of communities, the retention of federal facilities, and marginally adjusting the percentage of people retained in certain districts were made to the Governor's map

Maryland 2012 Congressional District Map - FINAL DRAFT

MD 2012 Congressional Districts: Non-Hispanic Population by Race 18 and Over

MD 2012 Congressional Districts: Non-Hispanic Population by Race

MD 2012 Congressional Districts: Population by Race (by county)

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