Friday, October 21, 2011

Former Frederick Del. Sue Hecht Joins Garagiola for Congress // Plus, Campaign Forms 527 AND Candidate Committee?

UPDATE: Maryland Juice just realized the document below is for an IRS 527, not an FEC candidate committee. But upon further exploring, it turns out that Garagiola for Congress is also an FEC candidate committee (filed on 10/13/11). Does that mean the Garagiola effort has two entities, a 527 and an FEC committee?

Also, we hear rumors that anti-tax activist and frequent candidate for office ROBIN FICKER REALTY may be weighing a primary challenge against Rep. Roscoe Bartlett! Given the new flood of Montgomery voters in CD6, I think he could stand a good chance of winning the GOP nod.

A source points out that according to State Senator Rob Garagiola's federal election IRS paperwork, former Maryland Delegate Sue Hecht has already joined his campaign. Ms. Hecht has signed on as Treasurer of Mr. Garagiola's federal committee, and her own former treasurer Kathy Rossen has signed on as Assistant Treasurer:

Notably, Mr. Garagiola's current District 15 is a Montgomery-based district, but the new 6th Congressional District will also include parts of Frederick - making the area a key Democratic constituency. Maryland Juice earlier today wrote about the other candidates for CD6, but this noteworthy item indicates that the endorsement race will now begin! Sources are also indicating that Mr. Garagiola might already be making calls to potential supporters.

P.S. Our original source also indicates that was purchased on 9/26/11. The site is not live yet, but we'll let you know when it is up! In the meantime, Mr. Garagiola appears to have overhauled his State Senate site,

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  1. With a shortened campaign season and limits on transferring state money to federal accounts, maximum contribution amounts, prohibition on companies contributing to federal candidates (which is lawful in the state of Maryland), having a 527 along with a federal campaign account is a brilliant tactic.