Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Governor O'Malley's Redistricting Map Passes 91-46 in Maryland House // Plus, What Happens If Your House is Split?

UPDATE: Below the fold, we ask a question and provide a link to Maryland's online Redistricting tool. One reader responded with the following comment about the (cracked) ICC: "I followed your link to the Gov's redistricting page, but when I searched my house, I found there was no ICC on the map.  (I live a few feet away from the ICC)  Interesting..."

Governor Martin O'Malley's redistricting plan (below) has passed the Maryland House with 91 yes votes and 46 no votes. According to the Washington Times, "Five Democrats also voted against the plan: Delegates Tiffany Alston and Aisha Braveboy from Prince George’s County, and Delegates Alfred C. Carr Jr., Ana Sol Gutierrez and Luiz Simmons from Montgomery County." Following on the heels of Senate approval earlier this week, the Governor's map appears to have prevailed. There still appear to be procedural votes, and the House will reconvene tomorrow at 10:30 am. But this appears to be a formality.

An observant Maryland Juice reader also noticed one interesting feature of the new Districts -- they seem to split houses and buildings in half in some places. Maryland Park and Planning unveiled a cool tool, letting Internet users view maps online and switch between different versions (ie: current map, Governor's map, Redistricting Commission's map, etc). In using the site, our source flagged the following interesting boundaries:

The house and the building circled in red appear to be divided between two Congressional districts. What happens, then?

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