Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MD Governor 2014: Attorney General Doug Gansler Wins Early Support from Democrats in Frederick County

Where have I seen that sportcoat?
UPDATE: Mr. Gansler also seems to be spreading into minority/ethnic constituency outreach. A reader has alerted Maryland Juice to an interesting event: "The President & Board of Directors of  Baltimore County Muslim Council invite you and your family to a Dinner with Attorney General Doug Gansler on: Friday, October 21, 2011. Please don't miss this great opportunity to Q&A Mr. Gansler about his vision for the future of Muslims in Maryland if/when he becomes the Governor of Maryland, insha Allah." Our source tells us "Inshallah" means "God willing." Is that an endorsement?

We are still many months away from Maryland's 2014 Democratic Primary for Governor. Even still, Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, Attorney General Doug Gansler, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman and Comptroller Peter Franchot are already actively fundraising and campaigning.

At last check,  Mr. Gansler was on target to pull in a $3 million early warchest, Mr. Brown was fighting Rick Perry for the Democrats, Mr. Ulman was kicking off fundraising efforts, and Mr. Franchot was wooing activists around the State. But today, our Attorney General raised the stakes even further. Check out the following leaked invitation to an October 30th fundraiser in Frederick, Maryland.

If you don't know who these folks are, I'll give you some hints. On top of the usual local activists and donors, Gansler's supporters list includes:
  • Brunswick Mayor Carroll Jones is the keynote speaker
  • 8 out of 12 of the members of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee, including its Chair and Vice Chair: Myrna Whitworth, Stephen Slater, Mary Costello, Diane Fink, Jason Judd, Michael Kurtianyk, Judy Rice, and Cindy Taylor (note the Central Committee is noted just for identification purposes, not to imply an organizational endorsement)
  • Former Democratic officials Delegate Sue Hecht and County Commissioner Kai Hagen,
  • Two-time CD6 Democratic nominee Don DeArmon and former Frederick Mayoral Candidate Jason Judd
  • Business people like Humberto Ho, who supported Governor O'Malley

This is a pretty quick pull for Mr. Gansler and may pressure the other candidates to speed up the endorsement game. Ruh roh!

P.S. Dear Mr. Gansler: You have had the same sportcoat slung over your shoulder for a decade. :)


  1. Frederick Democrats are pleased that Maryland’s elected officials are taking the time to become more familiar with our county and welcome an opportunity to host a gathering for Attorney General Doug Gansler. But of course, the birthday party on October 28 is not an endorsement by the Frederick Democratic Central Committee of him for the office of governor or any other office. In fact, as far as I am aware, no candidate has yet filed or announced. We are delighted that Frederick County is getting this robust attention from our elected officials and hope others will accept our invitation to visit and meet active Democrats in the county. Myrna Whitworth, Chair

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