Monday, October 24, 2011

MD Teachers Endorse Marriage Equality & Sen. Ben Cardin // VIDEO: A Baltimore Raven Speaks Out

The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) held their annual convention this weekend in Ocean City. Delegates from every county in the state came together to debate and discuss various policies. According to a press release emailed to Maryland Juice, the public school employees reiterated their opposition to voucher-funding in the BOAST bill, and they also voted to endorse Senator Ben Cardin for re-election. But interestingly, they took a break from education issues and came out in favor of marriage equality in Maryland:
Continuing the association’s long history for worker and civil rights, educators voted to support marriage equality in Maryland. In most counties, educators with long-term live-in partners cannot get the health care benefits available to married couples. The association adopted a resolution in support of marriage equality and an action item to support legislation backing marriage equality in the upcoming Maryland General Assembly session.
Teachers aren't the only professionals to join the marriage equality conga line. Marylanders for Marriage Equality recently posted the following web spot from Baltimore Ravens NFL star Brendon Ayanbadejo:

Random Note: The current President of MSEA Clara Floyd was my history teacher in middle school. Small world!


  1. This issue affects our students and therefore it is an education issue. What happens in a child’s home has a large impact on their performance in school. Having a loving stable home life helps students come to school my prepared to learn.
    It’s time for all American citizens to have their civil rights honored and respected. It’s very obvious from your work choice that you have an opinion that you are trying to “report” as news. Of what are you afraid? That gay and lesbian couples who are fighting so hard for their rights will have stronger marriages and not have over 52% end in divorce like those sanctified straight couples? With more than ½ of couples who can legally marry ending those unions how much do they value the right they have?
    Stop spreading hate! Support Civil Rights for all American citizens. The time is NOW!

  2. Ah, I think this is some confusion. Maryland Juice is on your side: