Friday, October 28, 2011

VIDEO: Best Way to Quit a Job ... EVER

Is subversive behavior on the rise? Maryland Juice thinks so -- and it appears to be that way on the right, the left, and maybe even the middle. Maryland Juice will have more discussion on what's going on in the world of activism soon. In the meantime, a friend in Rhode Island just emailed me a video of a young man quitting his job at the Providence Renaissance Hotel. Maryland Juice has stayed at this hotel, and it is actually a very cool hotel, built out of a converted masonic temple. That being said, the hotel has been the subject of numerous complaints by staff, who have sought to unionize. That may be part of the reason why the employee below chose to videotape himself quitting his job:

Without further ado: Best way to quit a job ... ever:

Time Magazine (which I actually love reading) followed up with a really lame article titled "Why the ‘Joey Quits’ Video Is A Seriously Bad Career Move." They proceed to discuss cliche points about how everything you put on the Internet/Facebook/etc is archived forever and could hurt you in a future job search. Hasn't that article been written already (hundreds of times)?

Blah, blah, blah. People tell me that about my blog every day. In fact, I got an immediate email unsubscription after I published the #occupyeverything post below. Who cares. Plus, who knows, maybe Joey is looking for employment in a sector that appreciates creative ways of spreading a message (to over 2.6 million people)? If Moon Strategies ever starts expanding, we may have room for one more. :)

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