Monday, October 31, 2011

Why the Maryland Republican Party is Dying a Quick Death .... and they don't seem to get it ....

Look at the most recent crop of Democrats who won their first full terms to public office in Montgomery County. The photo collage below shows the most recent State legislative and County Council victors from Montgomery County -- the growth engine for Maryland's economy and the recent Democratic surges of late. Something looks different about these politicians than the ones we're used to. What is it?

Did you catch the Washington Post article from this weekend headlined Census: The new U.S. neighborhood defined by diversity as all-white enclaves vanish? In Montgomery County, I would posit that the change is not just racial; it is also generational. And this generational transfer of political power (which is happening quicker than you think -- just look at the photo above) is coming with rapid changes in people's views of the world. We are remaking suburbia, and it is not a Beaver Cleaver white picket fence agenda (sorry, Ike). Here's an excerpt from the Washington Post:
...[the] Silver Spring community of Hillandale is home to people of every race and ethnicity — the epitome of what one sociologist calls “global neighborhoods” that are upending long-standing patterns of residential segregation. 
Around the region and across the country, the archetypal all-white neighborhood is vanishing with remarkable speed. In many places, the phenomenon is not being driven by African Americans moving to the suburbs. Instead, it is primarily the result of the nation’s soaring number of Hispanics and Asians, many of whom are immigrants....
In the Maryland suburbs, one in five neighborhoods is dominated by one race or ethnicity, down from almost a third in 2000. 
There are more minorities than whites in Montgomery and Prince William counties, and minorities are on track to surpass whites by the next census in Fairfax and Loudoun counties.
And so once again, how is the GOP supposed to survive with this attitude?

Demography is destiny in politics. Sorry, Pat.

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  1. Also what the Maryland juice hasen't notice that the dems lost more counties in the 2010 election. More to do with local taxes and local fees going up. Pat is also from a different generation. The Repubs could win state seats. How different is some Democrats regarding abused women how about not much.