Thursday, November 17, 2011

Former MD Senator Mike Lenett's Aide Speaks Out About His Lawsuit // Ginger Ramsey Fights Back, Wants Help

Maryland Juice recently received an email and some documents from former Maryland Senator Mike Lenett's Annapolis aide Ginger Ramsey. We've previously written about Mr. Lenett's wild lawsuit against Ms. Ramsey which alleges numerous things ranging from defamation to loose implications of attempted blackmail. Now Ms. Ramsey is fighting back, alleging that the lawsuit is frivolous. She also notes that she is representing herself right now and is in need of legal assistance:
Mike Lenett sued me for libel and false light. There were 46 counts and I answered them all pro se with supporting documents like voting lists, Post and Gazette articles, etc. He knows everything is the truth but wants me to spend lots of money on attorney fees for this frivolous lawsuit. Then I would have to sue him to get reimbursed. His attorney filed a Motion to Strike because I attached supporting documents proving what I said in my website was the truth. He said I violated Rule 2-401 d 2, Rule 2-322 b and Rule 233 b. (too much stuff provided)

I am in the process of revising my Answer to Complaint and writing a letter to the judge.

I need help with the sequence of procedures, and wonder if some attorney would be able to guide me in the steps I need to take.

I could email/post you my answer, his Motion to Strike and the draft of my revised Answer and letter to the judge.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I need it SOON!

In subsequent correspondence, Ms. Ramsey provided Maryland Juice with the following documents. The first document is Ms. Ramsey's response to Mr. Lenett's lawsuit. She specifically denies Mr. Lenett's allegation that she may have been blackmailing other Maryland officials. Notably, several former elected officials from Mr. Lenett's District 19 endorsed his opponent Roger Manno in the 2010 Democratic Primary. The second document is Mr. Lenett's "motion to strike" Ms. Ramsey's response.

Ginger Ramsey's Response to former Senator Mike Lenett's Lawsuit

Former Senator Mike Lenett's Motion to Strike Ginger Ramsey's Response

Yowza. Anyone wanna take up Ms. Ramsey's case?

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