Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Maryland Juice Cracks Baltimore Sun Readers' Top 10 for Best News Blog // Propaganda on the Right is Flagging

I don't know why I posted this photo. But it just came through my email box. :)
Maryland Juice started ranting in August of this year, so we are totally psyched by the results of this year's Baltimore Sun's Mobbie's awards. Indeed, a blog whose primary articles are about censorship, demographic changes, tax policy and redistricting -- is thrilled to already make Maryland's Top 10 for Best News Blog and Best New Blog. Here's to next year!

Congrats to the Maryland Chamber of Commerce blog for not coming in last place, by beating out the "Wilson Bros. Blog - Two brothers blogging the best of Odenton Town Center."
SIDEBAR: Our Republican counterparts at Red Maryland cleverly wrote a post criticizing the Mobbie's, but then linked to the voting page in their article for their readers. Yes, I know, The Sun is trying to build their data and online assets by hosting this contest, but who cares -- so is Facebook, Google, and every other service we all use. You gotta "pay" for news somehow. But not like the "Sun Block" -- that's bollocks.

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