Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Democratic Candidate for 6th Congressional District: Meet Milad Pooran

CD6 Dem Milad Pooran
It appears that the Democratic field for the 6th Congressional district will grow by one very soon. A Maryland Juice reader indicates that Milad Pooran recently met with members of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee. Upon further research, it appears I missed a mention of Mr. Pooran's candidacy in a Gazette article last week:
A doctor and Air Force veteran from Jefferson, Milad Pooran, said he is declaring his candidacy for the District 6 congressional seat on Nov. 12. A newcomer to politics, Pooran said the country needs private citizens to get involved in government. As for Garagiola’s head start, Pooran said his camp is eager to bring their own ideas to the campaign.
Mr. Pooran appears to be slowly lining up his online assets (ie: Twitter), and through his website:

Based on Mr. Pooran's Facebook page, it also appears that he is a two-time UMD gradudate.

Lastly, the Treasurer listed on Mr. Pooran's on his FEC filing, appears to be a fellow physician. It will be interesting to see what Mr. Pooran's message is and what has motivated him to run for office.

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  1. A Milad Pooran ran for PG Co Board of Education in 2006 for an At Large position. He came in dead last (17th) where the top 8 made it. He has not voted since that year meaning it will be a six year break since he last voted. Also he was a listed as a Beltsville resident as recently as Feb of this year. I wish him well.