Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Very White House Thanksgiving: Michelle Obama Thanks Vets, Presidential Turkey Pardon & Federal Tax Calculator

As we take time to give thanks for the things that matter in life today, Maryland Juice decided to flag a few random articles for readers. So when you're done with the in-laws, munch on this....
- Juice
Maryland Juice decided to see what the President and First Lady were up to this Thanksgiving, so we visited the White House blog. We turned up a few interesting bits of Presidential propaganda, starting with this well-made video of FLOTUS thanking an Afghanistan war veteran's family:

The White House blog also featured a video round-up of the President's activities this past week. The segments mostly concern the President's attempts at spurring investment in the U.S. from abroad. However, at around the 5-minute mark, you can see Mr. Obama pardoning the Presidential Turkey (if you're into that sort of thing):

TAX CALCULATOR: Lastly, on a note unrelated to Thanksgiving, I stumbled upon an interesting feature of the White House website. It is a "federal taxpayer receipt" that purports to tell you how YOUR tax dollars are spent. I punched in an example for a married couple with children that makes $80,000 combined (you can play with your own income numbers below):

Calculate How Your Taxes Are Spent:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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