Wednesday, November 23, 2011

VIDEO: Former Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson Receiving Cash Bribe

The Washington Times yesterday published an article about the criminal trial of former Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson. Their article was primarily about a newly released FBI surveillance video allegedly showing Mr. Johnson receiving a cash bribe. Hat tip to Maryland Reporter for pointing to the video footage, which the Times explained as follows:
Johnson is seen accepting a tightly rolled wad of cash passed to him by a county developer who was cooperating with investigators. Johnson, seated in the developer’s office and wearing the same clothes in which he would later be arrested, thumbed through the cash before getting up to leave.

It was then, according to prosecutors, that federal agents confronted Johnson about the $15,000 he was carrying. Authorities say the bribe was paid by Mirza Baig...

In exchange for other bribes, Baig received the county executive’s assistance on several development projects, including $1.7 million in federal block grants to pay for the renovations of 11 homes to be rented to low-income residents.
The Times article notes that Jack Johnson's sentence is expected to come down in early December, and his wife, former Councilmember Leslie Johnson, will receive her sentence a few days later. You can watch the FBI footage below:

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