Thursday, November 10, 2011

VIDEO: Tea Party Congressman Screams At Constituents // What Not to Do in Politics 101

Hat tip to MoCo Young Dems President Barbara Henderson for sending the following video through the e-grapevine. It shows Tea Party GOP Rep. Joe Walsh screaming at constituents at his Town Hall meeting:

Dear GOP: Good luck with the election next year!

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  1. Yup, he is from my hometown-ish. He went to high school and college with my sister. According to her he has not changed much over the years. That's not good. He beat a real Blue Dog Democrat in Melissa Bean. I know on many blog sites, they want Rep. Bean out as she was too conservative for most national Dems. True. But this part of the country the best one can hope for is a conservative Dem. Otherwise you get Rep. Walsh or worse still, someone who thinks like him but is smart enough to keep his lips zipped.