Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VIDEO: Unique Ad for Marriage Equality // A Message from Australian Progressives

The latest viral video sensation in the marriage equality world comes from the progressive Australian group Get Up Australia. Like in the United States, they are pushing for marriage equality in their country right now. I thought this was also a good reminder to folks out there that many of our current domestic causes are actually global. Check out some of Get Up Australia's current campaigns to see what I mean. Their website asks visitors to help with the following causes:
  • "end Australia's immigration detention disgrace"
  • "help problem gamblers kick a habit that's destroying Australian families"
  • "What do Australian farmlands, healthy families and drinking water all have in common? They're under threat by unregulated coal seam gas mining." 
  • "Can you help us counter the hype and misinformation on the price on carbon? While we can't outspend the big polluters, we can spread the facts."
  • And of course: "Sign this petition for marriage equality and a copy will be sent, signed and delivered straight to your MP."
Without further ado, here is Get Up Australia's marriage equality web ad. The Advocate called it, "Possibly the Most Beautiful Ad for Marriage Equality We’ve Seen."

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