Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White House 2016: Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's Week of Presidential Stagecraft

Highlight Reel 1: Future First Lady?

Maryland Juice recently commented on Governor Martin O'Malley's recent trip to India. Today, he provides an update on the foreign trade mission on his blog. Notably, he also highlights Maryland First Lady Katie O'Malley's agenda, which includes visits to "Rule of Law" organizations and attorneys, alongside orphanage and temple visits. See details & photos below:

Photo from Gov. O'Malley's blog
Photo from Maryland First Lady Katie O'Malley's Facebook page
Photo from Maryland First Lady Katie O'Malley's Facebook page
Photo from Maryland First Lady Katie O'Malley's Facebook page

Maryland First Lady Katie O'Malley's Agenda - India, Nov. 2011

Highlight Reel 2: Future Party Leader in Chief?

Maryland Juice previously speculated that Gov. O'Malley appeared to be building a reputation as a tough strategic operator for Democratic strategy through his leadership of the national Democratic Governor's Association. Indeed, while away in India, Mr. O'Malley appeared to still have his pulse on domestic politics back home. Yesterday, Rhode Island Public Radio reported that Gov. O'Malley was trying to persuade RI's Independent Gov. Lincoln Chafee to become a Democrat:
Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s flirtation with the Democratic Party continues.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley recently told Chafee he should formally join the party of President Obama, whom Chafee endorsed in 2008. O’Malley floated the idea during a phone conversation they had about the plight of the menhaden, spokeswoman Elisabeth Smith told

O’Malley is chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, an umbrella group for the party’s 20 state executives....
Chafee was a Republican U.S. Senator from 1999 to 2006, when he lost his seat to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse. The following year, Chafee left the GOP because of his disagreements with its direction under the Bush administration.

Highlight Reel 3: Future Head of State? 

Yesterday, The Washington Post's John Wagner covered a press conference Gov. O'Malley conducted while in India through Internet video. Notably, it highlights a growing foreign policy interest by Gov. O'Malley, anchored by increasing trade relations between Maryland and corporations abroad:
“It would be economically irresponsible for us not to become more engaged with India,” O’Malley said, via Skype, from Mumbai, his second stop on a six-day trip during which he is seeking to showcase Maryland’s growing number of high-tech, bio-tech, life science and cyber firms to attract Indian start-ups, investment and collaboration....

“The size of these markets in India and China are so immense, it’s hard for us to get our head around them,” O’Malley said, once he turned serious, referencing a separate 10-day trip to Asia last summer....

O’Malley, the first sitting governor of Maryland to travel to India, also touted the size of the delegation traveling with him: more than 100 government officials, educators and business leaders, the majority of whom are paying their own way....

Prior to arriving in India, O’Malley touched down in Doha, Qatar, where he met His Highness the Amir of Qatar, among others.

O’Malley said he has been working to forge a “sister-state relationship” with Doha — which would be Maryland’s first from a Muslim country in the Middle East.

Highlight Reel 4: Future Job Creator?

And of course, to put a fine point on the purpose of these foreign missions, Gov. O'Malley announced that four Indian firms had signed deals with Maryland companies on the first day of the mission:
The Governor also witnessed signings between four Maryland businesses and their Indian partners.
ANGARAI, a Greenbelt-based management consulting firm specializing in project management, oversight and business transformation solutions and one of Prince George’s County’s fastest growing small businesses, signed an agreement with CI , a technology product development company based in Chennai, to pursue opportunities in mobile and web applications, potentially opening up an office in Maryland.
The second signing was between Rockville-based Sheladia Associates, an engineering, architecture and development company and two Indian firms – M/S Sai Matarani Toll Ways Ltd. and Gayatri Projects Ltd. Sheladia will provide design and project management services valued at $3.7 million for upgrading the Panikoili – Rimouli Section of National Highway 215 to a 4 Lane facility in the State of Orissa.
A third signing involved an MOU between Maryland-based DataNet Systems Corp. in and RT-MediBus Technologies and the Health Management and Research Institute in Hyderabad to create MediHelp, a 24-hour/seven day a week health care helpline that can help screen minor ailments and illnesses and reduce the overall cost of public healthcare. The call center would be located in Prince George’s County.
In addition, Amarex, a Germantown-based clinical research organization, signed an agreement with Gaithersburg’s Shreis Scalene Sciences LLC to gain FDA approval for the medical device Cytotron, which uses a patented technology to treat regenerative and degenerative diseases such as cancer, osteoarthritis and multiple sclerosis. The device was invented and developed by Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman of Scalene Cybernetics in Bangalore, a technology and equity partner of Shreis Scalene Sciences.

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