Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Activists Call on Maryland Republican Chair Alex Mooney to Resign // Campaign for Congress is a Conflict of Interest

UPDATE: The Baltimore Sun reports that while the crazy-train continues in CD6, State Senator Chris Shank has agreed to serve as State Senator David Brinkley's Washington County campaign chair, should he get into the race:
David Brinkley, a Republican state lawmaker considering a run for Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, said Tuesday that a key Senate colleague, Chris Shank, would serve as a county campaign chair if he decides to formally enter the race.

Shank had been considered a potential candidate for the district himself. In siding with Brinkley, Shank could give a boost to a campaign that is competing in a crowded GOP field to replace incumbent Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett. Shank would serve as Brinkley’s Washington County chairman.

For a couple months now, Maryland Juice has pointed out how GOP Chair Alex Mooney is mismanaging the State's Republican Party. I also predicted that party activists would be unhappy with the fact he's leaving the party over $100,000 in debt and spent hundreds of dollars of donor money on unexplained "Chairman's Expenses."

Now that Mr. Mooney has started running against the incumbent Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, people are starting to get upset. The rightwing blog Red Maryland today had the following post titled Bad Form "Chairman" Mooney. They call out what they believe to be inappropriate behavior from the GOP Chair:
So MDGOP "Chair"Alex Mooney is only $20 away from his online fundraising goal. Great he's finally raising money for the party right?

Wrong. The link to donate is to Mooney's congressional campaign....

If you're calling yourself "Chairman Mooney" then you damn well better be raising money for the party.
In an update, they now announce that a petition has formed to call for Mr. Mooney's resignation. The effort is titled "Real Leadership at the MDGop." Ouch! See the petition text below:
Chairman Mooney,

With your announcement of an exploratory committee for a potential Congressional run the state party is put at further disadvantage. You made a commitment to serve a full term as chair as well as to improve our dismal financial situation. During your tenure as Chair we have remained in debt and directionless. While not all the blame can rest on your shoulders, the buck stops with you. 
You are already a part-time Chair, running for Congress will take up even more of your time. It would seem that the only reason you sought the chairmanship was for your own gain. We need a leader whose sole focus is on getting our party back on track and energized. How can we count on you to raise funds for the state party when you will be soliciting donations for yourself? 
We, the undersigned, hereby ask you to submit your resignation as Chair for the benefit of the party. Please do not sacrifice our party on the alter of your own political ambitions.
Like I said, the GOP is headed to a civil war over this seat! Maybe that's because their standard-bearer's voter base consists of conspiracy theorists and survivalists who fear electromagnetic pulses -- in a district that now has thousands of ordinary voters from the suburbs of Washington.

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