Thursday, December 8, 2011

CASA Ends Court Fight Against Dream Act? // Tuition Law May Head to 2012 Ballot

CASA Responds: Dream Act Lawsuit Alive! // News Report Incorrect , One Aspect of Lawsuit Dropped

UPDATE: One knowledgeable source believes the lawsuit may still be alive. A second knowledgeable source agrees and says Casa has only modified the suit. A third knowledgeable source writes the following: 
"The legal actions dropped the challenge to signatures.  The lawsuit challenging the validity of being able to bring the issue to the ballot is still in court.  Maryland does not allow appropriation-related items to be petitioned to the ballot.  The Dream Act had a fiscal note and an appropriation impact, so that still needs to be decided by the court."
Maryland Juice will poke around for more information.... reports that Casa de Maryland has ended its fight to block a 2012 referendum on Maryland's Dream Act. Their article is headlined "Casa de Maryland Drops Challenge, Dream Act May Go To Referendum." Here is a clip from the article:
Voters may get a chance to repeal the Maryland Dream Act.

The law allows some students to get in-state-tuition, even if they are illegal aliens....

Casa-de-Maryland is an organization that supports immigrant groups. The organization initially challenged the validity of the signatures collected on the site; however, according to Judicial Watch, Casa de Maryland dropped the challenge that questioned the validity of the signatures.

The latest move means voters may have the chance to support or reject the law on the ballot in November 2012.

In fact, last night a Maryland Juice source mentioned similar news to me directly. More on this story soon....

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