Thursday, December 22, 2011

CD6: Sen. David Brinkley vs. GOP Chair Alex Mooney // Conservative Blogger Rates Candidates, Calls Out Mooney

UPDATE: A Maryland Juice reader has answered our call for more information about Alex Mooney's history as an elected official. See the comments section to find out why Maryland GOP Chair may have "worn out his welcome among the local GOP."

The conservative, Eastern Shore-based Monoblogue recently weighed in on Maryland's 6th Congressional District 2012 GOP Primary. The writer raises some interesting questions:
Since I live on the opposite end of the state, I really don’t have a dog in the Sixth District slugfest that now involves an incumbent Congressman in a revamped district taking on three members of the General Assembly and a cast seemingly of thousands....

History will eventually reveal what occurs in the Sixth District as the years pass, but there’s one piece of the puzzle I find quite interesting when it comes to two of the contestants. 
Despite two of the Republicans having ties to the Maryland Senate – Alex Mooneyz was a Senator from 1998-2010 while David Brinkleyz has served since 2002 – nearly every Republican member of the Maryland General Assembly hailing from that part of the state supports Brinkley. This despite the fact Mooney is the (outgoing) Chair of the Maryland Republican Party.

Certainly Mooney seems to be the more conservative of the two...

My question is how Mooney could have burnt so many bridges, and is this a reason why he’s not been the successful fundraiser for the Maryland Republican Party he intended to be?
Indeed, Maryland Juice has repeatedly highlighted how GOP Chair Alex Mooney is violating a promise he made to party activists to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for candidates. We are also curious why so many CD6 Republicans are backing Senator Brinkley over Senator Mooney.

HELP: Perhaps a Frederick reader would care to provide us with the flashback? Maryland Juice will provide the flashforward.

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