Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daily Kos Endorses Rep. Donna Edwards for Maryland's Fourth Congressional District // National Progressives Circling Wagons?

UPDATE: Here is one more piece of evidence that some national progressives may be circling the wagons around Rep. Donna Edwards. Maryland Juice just received an email from former Think Progress blogger Lee Fang with a link to an article carrying the following headline: "Oops: Corporate Lobbyist Challenging Congresswoman Donna Edwards Messes Up On Day One." Hmm.

Today the popular national netroots blog Daily Kos endorsed Rep. Donna Edwards for re-election in Maryland's 4th Congressional District. Their article noted in part:
Over the last couple of weeks, we've announced our first two House endorsements of 2012....
Today we add another incredible congresswoman, two-term Rep. Donna Edwards of Maryland, to our Orange to Blue fundraising list.
Edwards was the first African American woman from Maryland in the U.S. congress. She was vice-chair of the progressive caucus last term, while this cycle she's at the forefront of the battle to retake the House as co-chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's Red to Blue program (along with Jared Polis).
She's also someone who doesn't just vote the right way on virtually everything, but can be counted on to be a vocal leader and spokesperson for progressive values. I can't emphasize how important that is, and how rare it is within our Democratic caucus. It's so much easier to lay low and play the comity game.
Daily Kos also included Rep. Edwards' responses to their candidate survey, which you can read at the end of their endorsement article. The Daily Kos endorsement comes on the heels of yesterday's endorsement by the League of Conservation voters. This may signal a push by more national progressive groups for Ms. Edwards in the primary. Remember that she initially won with large support from national progressives and labor unions.

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