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Maryland 6th Congressional District Democratic Primary: Meet the Candidates (Statements & Websites)

Maryland Juice thought it would be helpful for Democratic Primary voters in the 6th Congressional District to see a quick roundup of candidate statements and websites.  Below, I've included "Why I'm Running" statements and links to each of the four candidates' websites and Twitter accounts. Thus far, the Democratic field includes Rob Garagiola, Milad Pooran, John Delaney and Duchy Trachtenberg.

Rob Garagiola | | @RGaragiola

With a pledge to be a voice for the middle class, Rob Garagiola kicked off his campaign for Congress today in a speech at the BlackRock Center for the Arts to over a hundred supporters. Garagiola talked about rejuvenating the economy with investments in small businesses and alternative energy, while ending the partisan shouting matches that have hindered Congress from finding practical solutions to America’s challenges.
Standing with his wife Cindy, a public school teacher and his three young children who all attend public schools, Garagiola spelled out a vision of practical, common sense solutions to help working and middle class families. He said that Republican leaders in Congress are letting ideological partisanship get in the way of creating jobs and getting our economy back on track, and are even proposing ideas that make matters worse.

“I am running for Congress because too many middle class families are struggling and our economy is floundering.  So much of what we hear from Washington just doesn’t sound right.  Rather than focusing on our economy and jobs, this ideological Congress has taken this country to the brink of economic disaster when they held approval of the debt ceiling hostage and invoked talk of government shut downs,” said Garagiola.

Garagiola, a former Sergeant and airborne soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve, highlighted his upbringing and values, and emphasized that such values are not Democratic values or Republican values, but are American values.

“Each generation wants it to be better for the next.  But I have heard from many people who are concerned that it might not be better for the next generation the way things are adrift under the current leadership in Congress.  I believe that our better days are ahead of us, but we need to elect new leaders with proven records of achieving practical, common sense solutions,” Garagiola stated.

I am Milad Pooran, from Jefferson, MD, and I’m running for Congress in the 6th District. I’m a doctor and a proud member of the US military.
When I was six years old, my parents’ vision brought our family to this country, and today I am proof that the American Dream is alive and well.
I am running for Congress because I refuse to accept the end of the American Dream. My promise to you is that I’ll work every day to make sure that every American has a chance at it.
I know what sacrifices my parents made to provide me first with freedom, and then with the opportunity to succeed in life. They were both engineers, and they taught me that if I worked hard in school and in life, I’d always be able to get a good job.
I am running for Congress because too many of us are struggling to find meaningful work, no matter how hard we work or how good our education is. In Washington, I will fight for new jobs and to protect our existing jobs.
The dedication my parents showed to family and community provided a model for how individuals can impact the lives of others.
I am running for Congress to fix a tax system that shelters those who can most afford to pay their fair share and punishes those who work the hardest. I am running for Congress because our country should not be ceding vast power to corporations while treating citizens as inconsequential.
I am a proud product of Maryland public education from the third grade through medical school and my residency training. I gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction from my job as a physician; I enjoy helping my patients get better, but I have also experienced the sadness of mourning the loss of loved ones with families.
I am running for Congress to help return our education system to what it once was: a ladder into the middle class for millions, and to work to provide every American with affordable health care.
I am here because my parents believed so strongly in America. I serve our country because I believe so strongly in it as well. Over the last 13 years I’ve been a member of the Air National Guard, and have had the privilege to serve with our men and women in uniform as a combat medic and flight surgeon. I have served in active-duty operations on all seven continents, and I was a young flight surgeon deployed to Saudi Arabia when the tragic events of 9-11 took place. I have seen firsthand the ravages of war as a combat trauma intensivist at the Air Force Theater Hospital in Iraq.
I am running for Congress to help make sure our country honors its promise to our veterans, active-duty military, and their families, and to ensure that American taxpayers know their tax dollars are being well spent.
My experiences have given me the leadership skills and knowledge at a local and international level that will help me represent you in Congress. My pledge to you is that I will never be beholden to any special interest or cause. I will owe only you. I will serve only the needs of my constituents, protect the constitution of the United States, and strive for the greater good of our nation. I will be a true public servant.
I am running for Congress to start changing a political system that has been broken by careerism, money and partisan anger.
Over the next coming months I hope to meet as many of you as possible and to share with you further my vision for our future. And please drop in on this website often to stay involved with our campaign.

"I'm not a professional politician," said John Delaney. "I'm convinced that if we stay focused on creating jobs, embrace ideas that put the middle class first, and involve the public and private sector to get things done, we can make a positive difference in people's lives. The level of unemployed and underemployed in this country is tragic and is, by almost any measure, the most important issue of the day."

The son of a union electrician, John founded two New York Stock Exchange listed public companies before the age of 40, each based in Montgomery County, and in the process created thousands of new jobs and helped finance nearly 5,000 small to mid-sized companies.

Most recently, John decided to take his expertise and bring it to neighborhoods across the country by forming a cooperative of community banks whose mission is to pool the resources of smaller banks across the United States to create the economic and intellectual scale needed to compete against the big banks.

"I know that small businesses and startups are too often ignored by the big banks," Delaney said. "One of my professional goals has been to provide expertise and access to capital that gives the entrepreneur a fighting chance to grow and succeed – particularly those companies that are creating the high quality jobs of the future. While I believe in the free market, I also know that government has a central role in creating the right environment for creating long term, sustainable jobs."

Wanting to take his experience and passion as a job creator to communities across Maryland, John founded Blueprint Maryland, a non-profit focused on fostering private sector job creation in the state, particularly against the concerning backdrop of reduced federal spending in Maryland. In this regard, John was one of the early voices in the State to speak to the need to invest in balancing our Maryland economy towards growth areas such as alternative energy and high value manufacturing.

Delaney has been called a "progressive businessman"; beyond his professional activities, his non-profit work has emphasized education, justice and equality issues. John and his wife April are particularly well known for their support of a range of activities that promote public interest law, including endowing a professorship and funding scholarship and debt relief for students who pursue the field. This work is designed to support efforts in civil rights law, civil liberties law, environmental protection, international human rights, consumer protection, poverty law, employees' rights, national security, gay rights, education law, election reform, children's rights, disability law, and many other areas.

John is a member of the Board of Directors of Georgetown University as well as the National Symphony Orchestra. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Potomac School and the immediate past Chairman of the Board of St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School.

John is a graduate of Columbia University and Georgetown University Law Center. He was delegate to the 2008 Democratic Convention and served as a Trustee for the Maryland Democratic Party.

John is married to April McClain Delaney, an attorney who is a Director of Commonsense Media, one of the nation's leading non-profits dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology. John and April reside in Montgomery County with their four daughters. 

Duchy | @Duchy_T

I am running for Congress because our political system is absolutely past the breaking point. Our budgets are busted, our infrastructure is abandoned, our natural resources are exhausted, our social safety net is devastated—and most of all, our children's and grandchildren's future is being squandered by politics as usual.

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