Friday, December 2, 2011

Maryland Reporter: Congressmen Roscoe Bartlett & Andy Harris Financing Fannie Lou Hamer Redistricting Lawsuit

Did anyone catch this line in today's Maryland Reporter article about Rep. Roscoe Bartlett?
In another of Bartlett’s mixed signals, he dragged his feet on raising money to challenge the lawsuit of the congressional redistricting plan, and had to be cajoled into doing it. (The redistricting fight is being financed by the conservative Legacy Foundation of Iowa, but that organization is relying on contributions from Bartlett, Harris and others to foot the bill.)
Maryland Juice previously reported that a lawsuit brought against Maryland redistricting plan was being financed by anti-Obama and anti-immigrant rightwing lawyers. Now it turns out, that Maryland's GOP Congressmen are funneling contributions to the effort through an Iowa organization. Democratic Senator Anthony Muse might want to reconsider his recently announced support of this lawsuit.

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