Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saqib Ali Organizes Protest Against Montgomery County Lowes // Former MD Lawmaker Calls Out Caving to Islamophobia

UPDATE:  Saqib Ali just sent the following update: "Many people have already RSVPed, including the Majority Leader of the MD State House of Delegates Kumar Barve." Maryland Juice contacted Mr. Barve to confirm his attendance, and we received the following response: "Yes, I'll be there unless I have the flu (which everyone else seems to be getting)."

Maryland Juice just received the following email from former Maryland Delegate Saqib Ali:
Lowes Hardware store has decided to cave in to rank Islamophobia by pulling its commercials during the TV show "All American Muslims" They did this because some people complained that the show falsely depicts American Muslims as "normal people".

This decision has been condemned by politicians, activists and show-business celebrities. All kinds of people from all walks of life are outraged. Imagine for a second if Lowes had pulled its commercials from a show that depicted Catholics or Jews as "normal people". This is no different.

We will be picketting a Lowes store in Montgomery County, MD on Sunday December 18th. The exact location will be announced shortly. Please visit the Facebook page for this event by clicking here:

- Saqib Ali
We'll update you on this story when we hear more!

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