Friday, January 27, 2012

Frederick County to Declare English Official Language? // Dear Neighbors, Please Do Something About Blaine Young (Seriously)

A Message to Frederick County Residents:

Blaine Young, the elected leader of Frederick County's government has turned the Frederick County government into a taxpayer-funded Tea Party press operation. The Frederick News-Post is reporting on more embarrassing theatrics from up the I-270 corridor:
Frederick County has moved one step closer to making English its official language.

The Board of County Commissioners decided Thursday to hold a public hearing next month on the proposed ordinance. Residents will get a chance to speak on the issue before the commissioners vote....

"It just sets the tone," Commissioners President Blaine Young said.

The vote was 4-1 in favor of the public hearing, with Commissioner David Gray voting against it.

"I don't see anything that is to be gained," Gray said. "It could be misinterpreted."

A date for the public hearing was not set Thursday, but Mathias said it will likely be in February.

Other immigration issues being considered by the commissioners were sent back to Mathias to gather more information. They include requiring area businesses to use the E-Verify system to ensure that workers are in the country legally, prohibiting the harboring of illegal immigrants in rental properties and restricting day labor sites....

"I find this to be the most chilling," Gray said of the proposal to prohibit the harboring of illegal immigrants in rental properties. "This is the most repugnant."

Gray said he worried the prohibition would lead to law enforcement storming into homes to see if residents are in the country legally....

The Tea Party is now in favor of the government storming into people's homes? Interesting way of upholding Liberty. This is not Blaine Young's first PR stunt. WTOP recently reported that Frederick County's King tried to create vanity plates street signs for Frederick County:
Frederick County wants to make visitors feel right at home with welcome signs highlighting some of its best aspects, but Maryland is blocking efforts to put the signs on state highways.

The signs say, "Welcome to Frederick County. Open for business."

Board of County Commissioners President Blaine Young said he believes politics is to blame for the state's rejection.

"The state feels that government creates jobs. We feel that businesses create jobs and that's why they reject putting our signs on state-operated highways," he said.

"If the State of Virginia can have 'open for business' on their welcome signs, what's the big deal about putting this on our welcome signs?" Young said.

"They [Maryland State Highway Administration] said they [the signs] weren't compliant, and the only thing they think is not compliant is our philosopher," Young said.

Jeez. Do some real work!

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