Monday, January 23, 2012

MON 12 - 1 PM // Join an Online Chat with Rep. John Sarbanes About the Influence of Corporate Money on Politics

TODAY: From noon to 1 pm, Maryland Juice will be mirroring a live chat with Rep. John Sarbanes. The Democrat from Maryland's 3rd Congressional District is hosting a lunchtime "online discussion" about the role of corporate money in our political process. We are experimenting with ~~tech-mology~~ by embedding his chatroom on Maryland Juice.

Tune in on Maryland Juice from noon to 1 pm (EST) on Monday, January 23rd. Rep. Sarbanes' invitation to chat came with the following message:
With the rise of Super PACs, the Citizens United decision is proving to be as destructive to our democratic process as we feared. Large corporations and monied interests now have a virtually unlimited ability to buy elections.

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