Friday, January 20, 2012

MD DISGRACE: Ocean City Mayor's Special Guest Says "No Mosques in America," Invokes Hitler Against Obama, Etc.

UPDATE: CAIR is now calling on Ocean City's Mayor to rescind his invitation to Jerry Boykin.

Today Maryland Juice received news that Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan is embarrassing the Free State with his choice of special guest at his annual "Prayer Breakfast." Last week, Ocean City's Dispatch wrote:
Ocean City Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Director Bruce Spangler expressed excitement this week about Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin of the US Army, retired coming to Ocean City next month.

“Talking to people that know this guy, they say he’s a soldiers-soldier … he isn’t somebody that lives from behind but is upfront leading,” Spangler said....

“He is an expert on Islamic history,” Spangler said....

The Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast will be held Jan. 26 at the Clarion Hotel....

“Our speaker for this year’s 22nd annual event is in much demand throughout the country and has been seen on all major networks, as recently as last week.  He has an exciting testimony that you do not want to miss,” Spangler said.

This year the event will also last a little longer than normal giving Boykin plenty of opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with those in attendance. The event begins at 7 a.m. sharp and will end promptly at 9:15 a.m.

Before you decide whether to make the trek out to Ocean City to see Mr. Boykin speak, you can watch some of his expert testimony on Islam below:

BOYKIN: "No Mosques in America"

BOYKIN: "Islam Deserves No First Amendment Protections"

BOYKIN INVOKES HITLER: "Obama Creating a Private Brownshirt Army"

BOYKIN: George Soros Leading Us to "Marxist Government"

These seem like reasonable views for our government officials to push into the public domain. You can thank Mr. Meehan for his service below:

You can see a sample email below. Liberal advocacy group People for the American Way sent Mayor Meehan the following message:
From: Michael B. Keegan
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 6:13 PM
Subject: Will Ocean City Stand for Bigotry?
Dear Mayor Meehan,

As you know, retired Lt. General William “Jerry” Boykin is scheduled to be the featured speaker at next week’s Ocean City Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. Local news reports have focused on Boykin’s longstanding service to our country. However, there is another side to Boykin that you should be aware of before he appears at an event that reflects upon the entire community.

Boykin first made headlines in 2003 over a series of controversial remarks he made in uniform. He was investigated by the Defense Department and found to have violated multiple regulations.

Now retired, Boykin’s speeches frequently delve into hate-filled conspiracy theories – as you’ll see below. He claims that President Obama is creating a Hitler-style militia to force Marxism on the American people, and that international bankers are plotting to form a Marxist, global government.

Boykin, who has been billed by prayer breakfast director Bruce Spangler as an “expert on Islamic history,” has reserved his greatest scorn for Muslims and Islam. He has argued that Muslims are not protected by the First Amendment and that there should be no mosques in America. He has also revealed a profound ignorance of Islam by claiming that it is not an Abrahamic religion and has nothing in common with Christianity.

Ocean City works hard to maintain its reputation as a fun, family-friendly destination in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. Hosting a divisive figure like Boykin, whose views are radical and bigoted, sends the wrong message about your community.

I suspect that you were unaware of Boykin’s full record. I sincerely hope you will take the opportunity to find a speaker who can speak to the entire community.


Michael B. Keegan
People For the American Way

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