Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ocean City Update: Mayor's Special Guest Says Gays Are "Not Normal" // The Presence of LGBT People is "Divisive"

Maryland Juice has yet another follow-up to the controversy over the Ocean City Mayor's "Prayer Breakfast." Hundreds and hundreds of people have emailed to ask the Mayor and City Council to distance themselves from tomorrow's event featuring former General Jerry Boykin, due to his inflammatory statements about the First Amendment, religion, President Obama, and more.

Surprise, surprise, it turns out he is also a homophobe. A Maryland Juice reader has forwarded additional video and audio footage of Mr. Boykin's views on homosexuality. Amazingly, in the video, a young person tries to challenge his logic. He doesn't budge:

BOYKIN on Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Presence of Homosexuals has "Divisive Effect"

BOYKIN: Being Gay "Not Normal"

Muslims, lesbians, Latinos, youths --- whatever. Don't you see? We rise or we fall together. Hate and illogic emanate from the same place.

PS. Don't forget to sign the Petition to Ocean City.

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