Friday, January 27, 2012

OOPS: Tea Party Promotes Gay Couples in Anti-Gay Rally Flyer

UPDATE: The Tea Party photo error below is worse than I thought! I originally only highlighted the lesbian couple on the left, but a few folks pointed out the two gay men on the right. Corrected images below:

An astute Maryland Juice reader forwarded us an amusing note about the Tea Party's rally against marriage equality. It appears that the original version of their invitation to Monday's rally included an image of a lesbian family and a gay couple. The accompanying words said "Stronger marriages." Maryland Juice agrees with that version of the flyer!

But in a later version of the document, they replaced the LGBT couples with more seemingly hetero imagery. See hilarious before and after shots below:


After realizing the implications of their photo selection, they replaced the lesbian couple with the following image:


Are the staff members of the Maryland Marriage Alliance beginning to have second thoughts about their bigotry or were they trying to appease their coalition?

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