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1967 Called: They Want Sen. Norm Stone Back // Maryland Democrat Voted to BAN Interracial Marriage - He's Still There!

1967: Interracial Marriage in Maryland "Violates God and Nature"

Maryland Juice loves humanity sometimes. Check out the following Baltimore Sun article from February of 1967, discussing the Maryland Senate's historic repeal of the Free State's interracial marriage ban. A few choice excerpts are printed below, along with a scan of the full article. Note that the article highlights the 1967 vote of State Senator Norm Stone, who is still in office today -- as a Democrat. Mr. Stone voted against allowing committed interracial couples to get married. Guess what his views on marriage equality and the death penalty are? Hilariously, Stone chaired an ethics committee! Is that supposed to be a joke?
The Maryland Senate voted today to repeal the State law banning interracial marriages....

Opposition came from an alliance of Eastern Shore and Baltimore city and county senators....

Senators Robert P. Dean (D., Upper Shore) and Frederick C. Malkus (D., Lower Shore) were joined in opposition to the repeal by the following Baltimore area senators: ...Norman R. Stone, Jr. of the 6th county district.... 
After the vote, [State Senator Joseph] Manning ... issued a statement explaining his stand. In it, he declared his belief that repealing the present interracial ban "violates the law of God and nature."

See the full article below, and note that Maryland's debate around interracial marriage in 1967 sounds disturbingly similar to today's debate about same-sex marriage. One of the opponents of interracial marriage in the article notes that he had received "a number of communications from colored ministers asking me to vote against repeal of this law." Uh huh. 

Baltimore Sun: Senate Rejects Ban on Marriage - Feb 1967

Maryland Juice is part of an interracial couple and wants to know: 
  1. How is Senator Norm Stone still in office? 
  2. How does he win Democratic Primaries? 
  3. Who selected him to Chair a committee? 

P.S. Metro Weekly noted this week: Sen. Norman Stone (D-Baltimore Co.) opposed the [marriage equality] measure, both in committee and on the floor, when the bill passed the full Senate last year 25-21.

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