Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CD6: State Senator Rob Garagiola Announces Endorsements from VETPAC, Human Rights Campaign, Rep. Steny Hoyer


GERMANTOWN, MD – Praising his work ethic and commitment to common sense solutions for Maryland's working families, Congressman Steny Hoyer formally endorsed Rob Garagiola today for Congress in Maryland's Sixth Congressional District.

“As the State Senate Majority Leader, Rob has brought an incredibly high level of energy, preparation and common sense to help Maryland’s middle class and working families meet the most difficult challenges. Whether he's fighting for children's health care, public education, new alternative energy sector jobs, or working to cut wasteful spending and balance the state budget, Rob has proven to be an individual that seeks practical solutions and common ground to get things done. Rob Garagiola is exactly what we need here in Washington,” said Hoyer.

“I am very proud to have earned Congressman Hoyer’s endorsement,” said Garagiola. “I’ve always looked up to Mr. Hoyer and I am humbled by his support,” concluded Garagiola.

Congressman Hoyer is the latest Democratic Party leader to endorse Garagiola’s bid for Congress.
Additionally, Garagiola continues to rack up endorsements by key constituency groups. VETPAC, a political and advocacy organization formed by American veterans to promote the principles and values of those who have served in our armed forces, has now endorsed Garagiola’s candidacy.

“As part of the Democratic leadership in the Maryland State Senate, Rob has a proven track record of supporting veterans. He founded the bipartisan Maryland Veterans Caucus to help Maryland’s veterans with health care and educational opportunities. Rob supported legislation that offers veterans academic scholarships, a tax credit on their motor vehicles, and helped establish a veteran’s behavioral health advisory board to identify gaps in health services,” said Justin Ford, President of VETPAC.

“I’m honored to receive the support and endorsement of such a great organization and my fellow veterans. We must continue to support all of those who have served our nation as we work to preserve those very freedoms that our veterans and troops continue to defend,” said Garagiola about VETPAC’s endorsement.

Support for Rob’s campaign in the new Sixth Congressional District in Maryland continues to grow. Attached is an updated list of individuals and organizations that have endorsed Rob Garagiola’s bid for Congress.


See the full, updated endorsement list below:

State Senator Rob Garagiola's Updated List of Endorsements 2/8/2012

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