Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dear Sam Arora: If You Have Any Honor Left, Please Resign Immediately

An Open Letter to Maryland Delegate Sam Arora

Dear Sam Arora:

If you have any honor left, please resign from the Maryland House immediately.

In 2010, you tricked voters and donors into thinking you were a Democrat who stood for social justice and that you would support marriage equality. Instead, you turned out to be just another bullsh#t politician. You broke your campaign promises and sided with hate, and worst of all you did it at precisely the moment when victims of hate needed you the most. You couldn't even face your constituents and explain yourself. For that reason alone, you are unfit to serve in public office.

The only honorable thing left to do is to resign -- immediately. Already, disappointed advocates have started a petition calling on you to resign. Meanwhile, some of your Montgomery County colleagues are already endorsing your former opponent. To ensure your defeat, we are also now publicly asking your District 19 colleagues (Senator Roger Manno and Delegates Ben Kramer *ahem* & Bonnie Cullison) to promise not to slate with you in 2014.

You see Sam, The Democratic Party still means something to some of us, and your contamination of the brand must not be met with silence. Say goodbye to Democratic politics: You are hereby ex-communicated!


We the People

P.S. We welcome your public response on this serious matter. You still haven't explained yourself.

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