Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maryland District 12 to Become More Progressive in 2014 // Columbia-Based District Creates New Electoral Dynamics

For those Democrats who live in State Legislative Districts 12A (currently represented by Delegates Steve DeBoy and James Malone) and 12B (currently represented by Delegate Liz Bobo), there will be a fairly significant change in the 2014 election cycle.

As you are likely aware, in the Maryland House, legislative districts have varying numbers of elected officials in them. Some voters only vote for a single member of the House of Delegates in a small district, while others may vote for up to three members in much larger districts.

District 12A is currently a two-member District, which includes parts of Baltimore and Howard counties. District 12B, on the other hand, is a Howard-based district that is dominated by the more liberal community of Columbia, Maryland.

Under the 2012 legislative district plan, all three seats in D12A and D12B are now merged into a three-member-district. Maryland Juice has heard rumors of interest from potential D12 candidates, but I couldn't figure out the impetus. Now it makes sense --  it appears as if liberal Columbia voters may make up a majority of the Democratic Primary population in the new D12 in 2014. Notably, the three Delegates currently representing D12 do not see eye to eye on every issue.

See the before and after maps below:

BEFORE: Maryland Districts 12A and 12B - 2010 Election Cycle

AFTER: Maryland District 12 - 2014 Election Cycle

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