Sunday, February 5, 2012

Montgomery County High School Gives Students Flyers to Cure Homosexuality // When Will This End?

UPDATE: Maryland Juice is seeking a 501(c)(3) non-profit to work with me on coming up with an alternate flyer to send home with students. Please contact me if you're interested:

Maryland Juice recently received reports that Montgomery County's Einstein High School is under fire for handing out flyers to students to cure homosexuality. I understand school officials were following protocol here, but someone should've used some common sense and thought about this before pulling the trigger. This seems contrary to the goal of preventing teen suicide. ThinkProgress reports:
Einstein High School in Montgomery Country, Maryland is distributing flyers from PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays), which encourage students to seek reparative therapy and “transition out of a homosexual identity.” The school is defending the harmful propaganda, claiming that “the board of education policy allows materials and announcements from non-profit community organizations to be distributed at four designated times during the school year."
PFOX Flyer (Source: Fox 5 TV)
Also see the Fox5 TV segment below:

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