Monday, February 13, 2012

Process of Elimination // Maryland Governor 2014 = Not Peter Franchot


Maryland Juice thinks he has heard enough about the field of potential 2014 gubernatorial candidates to begin making some conclusions. We don't know yet who to support, but we know who not to support: #NotPeterFranchot.

Three-Count Indictment // Grand Jury of Democratic Primary Voters Convenes June 2014:
  • CHARGE 1: Peter Franchot thinks progressive taxation is extreme & his colleagues are misinformed
  • CHARGE 2: Peter Franchot wants to start a "mushy centrist" caucus to fight the extremists in his Party (Who are they? Name them.)
  • CHARGE 3: Peter Franchot wants to trigger a debt-ceiling debate in Maryland like the one the Tea Party started in Congress last year

Maryland Juice is not the only one that has been wondering if Peter Franchot left the Democratic Party. In December of 2011, The Baltimore Sun published an editorial headlined: "Peter Franchot channels the tea party." See an excerpt from their piece below:
BALTIMORE SUN: Peter Franchot Channels the Tea Party

December 26, 2011

Did we miss the press release announcing that Peter Franchot had joined the tea party? The comptroller certainly sounded like he'd gone over to the side of anti-government activism Monday when he cast the lone vote against a proposal at the Maryland Capital Debt Affordability Committee to accelerate some of the state's planned borrowing in hopes of spurring the economy through infrastructure spending. The Montgomery County Democrat opined that attempting to create jobs through such public works was "failed policy," adding, "Let the private sector create jobs."

For starters, the private sector in Maryland has been creating jobs, albeit at a frustratingly slow pace....

Looks like we need a change in the Comptroller's Office in 2014, whether or not Franchot decides to vacate. Perhaps he has nowhere else to go in the Democratic Primary, or perhaps he is truly a conservative, but lately I'm wondering which Party's Kool-Aid the State's Comptroller has been drinking. Today, The Star Democrat also reports that Mr. Franchot is trying to undermine the campaign to bring greater justice and transparency to Annapolis by trying to tilt policy outcomes to the right:
Franchot calls for 'common sense caucus'
The need for a business-friendly, fiscally-responsible state government was stressed by Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot, speaking Wednesday evening at the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce's 66th annual Membership Dinner.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot spoke about the "odd environment" in Annapolis Thursday evening during the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce's 66th annual Membership Dinner here in Governors Hall at Sailwinds Park....

"There are Democrats who want to spend money and tax the rich," Franchot said, and Republicans who only want to cut taxes. Neither attitude reflects that of most Marylanders, said the comptroller. "We just don't belong to either of those extremes."
It's a situation which has Franchot thinking of starting another political group in the General Assembly, he said, "the common sense caucus...."

In addition to its important role in Maryland's economy, Franchot said, "I would also like to thank the poultry industry for protecting our environment." He said it is time for the governor and other state officials to stop treating the poultry industry as "the root of all evil."

The Delmarva Poultry Industry recently held Chicken Day in Annapolis, to provide the real facts to "my colleagues who are completely misinformed," Franchot said....

The comptroller is suggesting that Maryland impose a two-year moratorium on new taxes and fees.
He calls the governor's proposal to increase the state's tax on gasoline, "Exactly the kind of thing that we don't need now," and says the negative impact all kinds of tax increases will have on the economy, by hurting businesses and reducing consumer spending, far outweighs any expected revenue gains....
Franchot is also continuing to press for a business-friendly attitude in which bureaucrats in state agencies would work to cut red tape, develop flexibility in regulations and "stop being indifferent to the private sector."

Maryland Juice hopes that the rest of the 2014 Gubernatorial candidates remember what the Democratic Party platform looks like. Those Republican talking points about promoting regressive taxation? Peter Franchot's eating it all up! We also hope the 2014 field will think independently and stop carrying Senate King Mike Miller over the finish line. He won't be able to wave his carrots and sticks forever, you know....

This is a problem of collective action. Don't forget what the Democratic Party stands for: transparency, good government, civil rights, etc. We are an evolutionary party - not a Dark Ages Good Ole' Boys Club. Is the mushy middle in Annapolis really going to be the source of open government reforms? Don't make me laugh.

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