Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ROLL CALL: Maryland House Committee Votes on Marriage Equality // SEE HOW THEY VOTED

WBAL has the information we've all been looking for. See the roll call votes for the marriage equality legislation.
Roll Call of House Judiciary Committee on Same Sex Marriage

Voting Yes (10 Delegates All Democrats): Kathleen Dumais; Susan Lee; Jeff Waldstreicher; Luke Clippinger; Jill Carter; Keiffer Mitchell; Kris Valderamma; Frank Conaway; Curt Anderson; Luiz Simmons

Voting No (11 Delegates): Joe Vallario (D); Kevin Kelly (D); Tiffany Alston (D); Geraldine Valentino-Smith (D); Don Dwyer (R); Susan McComas (R); Neil Parrott (R); Michael Smigel (R); Michael Hough (R); Joe Cluster R); Mike McDermott (R)

Abstained (1 Delegate): Sam Arora (D)

Roll Call of House Health and Government Operations on Same Sex Marriage

Voting Yes (15 Delegates): Peter Hammen (D); Shane Pendergrass (D); Eric Bromwell (D); Robert Costa (R); Bonnie Cullison (D); James Hubbard (D); Ariana Kelly (D); Dan Morhaim (D); Peter Murphy (D); Shirley Nathan-Pulliam (D); Nathaniel Oakes(D); Joseline Pena-Melnyk (D); Kirill Reznik (D); Shawn Tarrant (D); Veronica Truner (D)

Voting No (7 Delegates): John Donoghue (D); Donald Elliott (R); Bill Frank (R); Wade Kach (R); Nick Kipke (R); Susan Krebs (R); Justin Ready (R)

Absent (1 Delegate): Pat McDonough (R)

Talk amongst yourselves.

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