Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Toolbox1674 // Delegate Don Dwyer's Family Values

UPDATE: Maryland Juice sources seem to be confirming that Annapolis legislators have been aware of Delegate Dwyer's profile and have been calling him Toolbox. How appropriate for someone who throws stones while living in a glass house.

A Maryland Juice reader has forwarded us a very unusual online dating profile for a user named "Toolbox1674." The photo in the profile appears to be the same Glamourshot that appears on Delegate Don Dwyer's Facebook page. Mr. Dwyer happens to be a self-proclaimed defender of traditional marriage. He is also the leader of the anti-gay movement in Maryland and the lead sponsor of a Constitutional Amendment to ban marriage equality in the Free State.

Three options: 1) Someone is playing a hilarious joke on Maryland Juice, 2) Someone on stole Delegate Don Dwyer's Facebook profile photo, or 3) [Insert Third Guess Here]. Hmm. Profile for User Toolbox1674

BACKGROUND: In 2006, Delegate Dwyer penned an op-ed in The Examiner explaining the numerous reasons for his opposition to marriage equality (they range from women's rights to the deterioration of marriages):
DON DWYER: I and millions of others - Democrat and Republican - believe same-sex marriage is wrong.

Some oppose it for social reasons. Sociologists in the Netherlands, where gay marriage was legalized more than a decade ago, tell us that same-sex marriage has significantly contributed to the decline of marriages throughout the nation.

Some oppose it for historical reasons. After thousands of years of mankind experimenting with various arrangements, the one-woman, one-man marriage has proven the best, overall, at stabilizing the community, respecting women's rights, and producing healthy offspring.
It seems to me that there is a lot of complaining about marriage equality coming from people who live in glass houses. As noted in the media and on his Facebook page, Delegate Dwyer recently separated from his wife and moved out of the family home. Maybe he needs to stop meddling in the lives of other people's families.

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