Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WTF: Montgomery County's Internet Firewall Censors Maryland Juice // Chairman MoCo Blocks Sam Arora Ad and More!

The all-time most popular article on Maryland Juice is our coverage of Montgomery County, Maryland's censorship of computers in their office buildings, schools and libraries. Our investigation led us to discover that Amtrak was also censoring its WiFi network, and that both MoCo and Amtrak had been censoring LGBT newspapers, seniors event calendars, and other ordinary speech. The County defended its system and claimed nothing was wrong with their vendor. Then later the vendor tweaked their system to supposedly fix the issue.

Today two Maryland Juice readers within Montgomery County's government buildings report that Chairman MoCo's Censorship Firewall is BACK. This time Montgomery County is censoring images on the Maryland Juice website. The censored images include our web ad calling Sam Arora a liar who should resign, and our image of Fox News Baltimore's misleading anti-LGBT website banner. See screencaps below:

This is really beginning to piss me off.  Do you know that they spend over $64,000 a year on this?

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