Sunday, March 4, 2012

American Mustache Institute Defends Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, Sounds Off on CD6 STACHE Act Critics

For those who have been following the STACHE Act, the American Mustache Institute has decided to speak out after Rep. Roscoe Bartlett was put through the ringer by his CD6 challengers. Yesterday, the group released the "Official AMI Statement On U.S. Representative Roscoe Bartlett and the Stache Act." See an excerpt below:
Since the Weekly Standard published the story, “Staffer Refers Mustache Bill to Committee, Without Congressman’s Consent,” there has been a furor over the relationship between the American Mustache Institute and the office of the ruggedly handsome Maryland 6th District Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, one of only 34 members of the U.S. House of Representatives with a finely tuned mustache.

Since then, the media has been ablaze as Rep. Bartlett’s vulturous opponents, including Kathy Afzali, John Delaney, and Rob Garagiola — smelling blood in the water and a fast-closing window to unseat the Congressman — have climbed up on their fragile soap boxes to bring down a noble Mustached American with a good-looking lower nose garment.
The reality is that prior to launching the Million Mustache March for the Stache Act campaign, AMI reached out to Rep. Bartlett’s office hoping to secure an interview on Tuesday, Feb. 21. When he was not available to meet, as a simple act of kindness the Congressman’s press secretary passed along to the House Ways & Means Committee the empirically sound, groundbreaking Stache Act white paper written by noted tax policy professor Dr. John Yeutter of Northeastern State University.

In spite of its critics, there is, in fact, no government waste related to our efforts unless AMI’s Stache Act campaign will somehow be used to fund soccer fields for imprisoned terrorists at Guantanamo Bay or to conduct hearings on steroids in baseball. And counter to what the embarrassingly ill-informed Ms. Azfali charges, the proposed Act is in no way “sexist,” as it would refund her well-used expenses on eyebrow and lip waxing....

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