Friday, March 23, 2012

CD6: Businessman John Delaney Releases Attack Ad Against State Senator Rob Garagiola // WATCH TV AD ONLINE

UPDATE: The Baltimore Sun's John Fritze published a response from the Garagiola campaign to the negative ad below:
The Baltimore Sun: Asked to respond to the ad, Garagiola campaign manager Sean Rankin wrote:

"If this is how constituents can expect John Delaney will 'tell the truth,' then all of the 6th District will be in for a terrible surprise if they consider voting for a man who made his money pushing people out of their homes but condescendingly said we misunderstood his business, and in the face of questions about his $2,400 check to Tea Party Congressman Andy Harris, said that he raised over $800,000 for the Clintons and then expects us to believe that he was endorsed on the issues: caveat voter."

Garagiola's campaign has said that Delaney's company, CapitalSource, purchased hundreds of tax liens in Maryland, Ohio and elsewhere and then moved to foreclose on those properties. Along the way, the Garagiola campaign argues, the company jacked up lawyers fees on families to make it harder for them to climb out from under their debt. The Delaney campaign has argued that CapitalSource did not buy tax liens or initiate foreclosure suits but rather loaned money to companies that did. The Washington Post published a thorough examination of the issue today, which can be found here. 
Businessman John Delaney has just launched a new attack ad on television, against State Senator Rob Garagiola. The ad, which you can watch below, comes with the following text:
Career politician Rob Garagiola isn't telling the truth about his resume. He's hiding that he lobbied for 5 years. Failed to disclose nearly $200,000 in lobbying fees. Even lobbied to undermine healthcare reform. In Congress, we can't trust Garagiola because he's "an Annapolis insider with deep ties to lobbyists." No wonder the Washington Post endorses John Delaney for Congress. And President Clinton endorses saying Delaney is "for the middle class."

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