Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CD6 JuiceBlender: News Roundup of Democratic & Republican Primary Coverage // Plus, Watch Full Candidate Debate VIDEOS

There is less than one week left in the heated 6th Congressional District Primary Elections, so all the candidates are making their final appeals this week. Below Maryland Juice prints a quick-hit list of the latest news coverage in the CD6 race:

JUICE #1 - ROLL CALL: "Delaney Closes In on Garagiola"
Delaney, who also raised more than $700,000 from individuals, has spent freely on TV ads while the Garagiola campaign made a strategic decision not to engage in an ad war — and not to engage on TV at all.

“We expected that Delaney would tap his vast fortune, and we would never squander our resources on TV against that kind of opponent who could outspend us,” Garagiola campaign manager Sean Rankin explained. He said from the beginning the plan was to target voters through direct mail and phones and in the field....

One unaligned state Democratic strategist called Garagiola’s decision not to engage on TV “a well-executed, flawed strategy” that is “designed to fail.”

Other critics were even more blunt.

“To be a sitting [state] Senator and to be running for a couple of years and to not be able to put yourself on TV is embarrassing,” said another Democrat not involved in the race....

Rankin, Garagiola’s campaign manager, said he expects fewer than 45,000 people to vote in the primary and that the campaign is betting its get-out-the-vote infrastructure will pull through.

JUICE #2 - WUSA TV 9: "Garagiola And Delaney Fighting Bitterly For Shot at Bartlett" 
"We know some of his business practices are somewhat questionable," says Maryland State Senator Rob Garagiola as he talks about rival John Delaney, a wealthy Potomac financier.

Meanwhile, Delaney is attacking Garagiola for failing to report lobbying work on state disclosure forms required by the Senate.

"I think there's been a lack of transparency on his part," Delaney says. 

JUICE #3 - Maryland Reporter/AARP Republican Candidates Debate (FULL):

JUICE #4 - Maryland Reporter/AARP Democratic Candidates Debate (FULL):

JUICE #5 - BALTIMORE SUN: "Two GOP lawmakers seek to replace Bartlett"
Now, with just a few days to go before Tuesday's primary, the 85-year-old former scientist is poised to capture the GOP nomination in Maryland's 6th District for the 11th time.... 
In an interview on Capitol Hill, Bartlett said his campaign's polling indicates that the crowded field is splitting the anti-incumbent vote....

Bartlett's district was a target last year for Democrats in Annapolis, who redrew its boundaries as part of the once a decade redistricting process to make it a more competitive seat. In the old district, only 40 percent of voters picked Barack Obama for president in 2008. In its current form, 57 percent of 6th District voters backed Obama....

Bartlett is the only Republican candidate with an ad on television, however. The 30-second spot touts his conservative fiscal record in Congress.

Without solid independent polling it's difficult to measure exactly where the candidates stand. But Bartlett has raised more in campaign contributions — about $346,000 — than all of his opponents combined, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Brinkley raised $27,500 while Afzali pulled in $20,387.

As Bartlett's most high-profile challengers, Brinkley and Afzali have had to spend much of their time across the state, where this year's session of the General Assembly has kept them in Annapolis rather than on the campaign trail.

The two have also engaged in open disputes with each other at candidate forums in recent weeks rather than directing the bulk of their fire at Bartlett.


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