Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CD6: Questions John Delaney on Georgetown University Anti-Contraception Policy

UPDATE: Maryland Juice is hearing that NARAL gives John Delaney a 100% Pro-Choice rating.

Maryland Juice received the following press release from regarding the 6th Congressional District Democratic Primary:


Progressives Ask Why John Delaney Won’t 
Repudiate Georgetown’s Anti-Contraception Policy

Throughout his campaign to represent Maryland’s sixth congressional district, John Delaney has claimed to oppose any restrictions on women’s reproductive choices, yet his refusal to take a stand in his leadership position at Georgetown has undermined women’s access to critical health care services. Delaney serves on the executive committee of the Board of Directors for Georgetown University, which bans the sale of any and all birth control on campus, and doesn’t provide contraceptive coverage in any of its student health plans. Just last month, Planned Parenthood representatives tabling for "Hoyas for Choice" were forced off campus by university police. Delaney has remained silent in the wake of these restrictive actions, choosing instead to give thousands to right-wing politician Rep. Andy Harris who wants to take away women’s reproductive rights.

"The true test of someone’s character isn't what they say, but how they act," said Sue Cohen, a MoveOn member in Rockville. "Rob Garagiola has fought for choice and women’s health for his entire career. John Delaney, on the other hand, insists he's pro-choice and would work to protect women's health care, but when he had a chance to do just that as a member of Georgetown's Board, he was nowhere to be found."

"Does Delaney support Georgetown’s incredibly restrictive policy on contraception? If not, why hasn't he fought to change it?," asked Cohen. "Voters have a right to know whether Delaney will actually walk the walk to protect women's health, or if he's just talking the talk."

MoveOn members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Rob Garagiola in the Democratic primary in Maryland's 6th District and specifically cited his longstanding commitment to protect and defend the reproductive rights of women in Maryland.


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