Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DISRUPTION: Former Montgomery County Democratic Party Chair Announces Campaign to Elect Candidates of Color in 2014

Maryland Juice just received a forwarded copy of the following press release. It comes from Karen Britto, the former Chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee:


March 14, 2012

Contact:  Karen Britto

Broad Coalition of Progressive Democratic Community Leaders,
Representing the New Majority in Montgomery County Comes Together
to Support Candidates of Color for the 2014 Election & Beyond

The historic demographic shifts revealed by the 2010 census show that Montgomery County’s new majority is comprised of “People of Color.”

This dramatic change over the past 10 years presents a new sense of urgency that has driven Democratic Leaders of Color (African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Latinos) to come together and to form a unified body of activists who seek to address issues that directly impact our communities, and to seek greater and more equitable representation in public office.

We cannot wait 10 more years for the political establishment to acknowledge our many decades of unwavering support of the Democratic Party.  Therefore, we believe that the time has come for us to channel our various community resources to seek and support candidates of color who aspire to political office in 2014 and beyond.

As a new, broad coalition of progressive Democratic community leaders, representing the New Majority in Montgomery County, we plan to bring our collective power together to create real opportunities for candidates of color to seek to gain political office.  We believe we can begin the process of creating a more diverse and representative Montgomery County for the future.


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