Sunday, March 11, 2012

SARCASM: Anne Arundel County Council Deadlocked on Lunch Order // Council Vacancy Brings Embarrassment to County

UPDATE: The Baltimore Sun reports that Anne Arundel County is not the only County that is embarassing itself with its intellectual heft: GOP politicians in Queen Anne's, Frederick and Anne Arundel counties are all fans of making English the official language of their counties (whatever that means): 
Jose Soto doesn't pay attention to politics in Frederick County. He's new to town and spends much of his time working at an apple-processing plant in Pennsylvania. But he heard something a few weeks ago about the county making English its official language.
"I think it's a little racist," Soto said as he stopped by a Latino grocery store in Frederick before heading to work one afternoon last week. The 32-year-old was born in Guatemala and emigrated to Los Angeles as a child.

Eric Hartley, a writer for Hometown Annapolis, has created an amusing simulation of the Anne Arundel County Council ordering lunch. The column mocks the pathetic politicians who are demonstrating their immense mental prowess in their quest to stop a qualified African American Marine Corps reservist from serving on the Council (see excerpt below):

SCENE: Council chambers, 12:49 p.m.

Derek Fink (chairman): We’re going to be here a while hearing these budget items. Let’s order something to eat, then we can get back to work.
John Grasso: OK, but no Mexico food.

Jamie Benoit: Dude. Not this again.

Grasso: Is it a crime that I want food I can pronounce in English? And made by hardworking Americans?

Benoit: No, but — (sighs) look, first of all, it’s Mexican food, not Mexico food. Second of all —

Jerry Walker: This is getting us nowhere. How about Chinese? Or Thai?

Grasso: I knew you were secretly a Democrat.

Fink: Or Japanese? There’s a good little sushi place that just opened in Glen Burnie.

Grasso: I’m not eating ghetto sushi.

Chris Trumbauer: That’s incredibly inappropriate. You represent Glen Burnie.

Dick Ladd: You know, we ate a lot of Asian food when I was in the Army. Rice is very filling. You need your energy when the gooks are coming at you.

Fink: Are you kidding me?

Anne Arundel County politicians are embarrassing the County!

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