Monday, April 2, 2012

CD6: Rep. Roscoe Bartlett Denies Involvement in Release of Sen. David Brinkley's 911 Tapes // A VICTIM OF DIRTY TRICKS?

UPDATE #2: Upon further inspection, Maryland Juice notes that the original email we received with the links to David Brinkley's 911 calls included an "unsubscribe" link that leads back to Roscoe Bartlett's campaign website! See the screencap below from Maryland Juice's inbox (click to enlarge):

UPDATE: On the Montgomery County GOP's Facebook page, MoCo GOP Central Committee leader Jeanette Radford questions Roscoe Bartlett's denial. She claims that Bartlett campaign supporters requested Brinkley's 911 tapes several months ago.

Two area politicos have been in touch with Maryland Juice to indicate that Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's campaign is denying any involvement in the release of State Senator David Brinkley's 911 tapes. Maryland Juice attributed the release to Bartlett supporters, given the pro-Bartlett text accompanying the YouTube videos. However, we have now obtained a copy of the following statement from Congressman Roscoe Bartlett office confirming his denial of involvement in the release. If taken at face value, this would imply that Bartlett may be the victim of political dirty tricks. Hmm.


Statement from Congressman Roscoe Bartlett regarding 
David Brinkley and wife’s 911 emergency calls

"The Bartlett campaign has not criticized David Brinkley's personal life and has no role whatsoever in
the release of the 911 tapes. If our campaign learns of any outside party responsible for the release of the tapes, we'll be sure to provide that information. Congressman Bartlett's focus is on the issues and his conservative leadership, not any other candidate's personal life."


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